Beginning / Vampire Killer
Castlevania III, Castlevania

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This was supposed to be the Halloween special, but I wasn't able to get it done in time, and I almost put it on hold but decided to just go ahead and finish it.

Since doing Bloody Tears, I've had an influx of requests for more Castlevania, namely for Vampire Killer, however my personal favorite Castlevania song is Beginning, and VK has been covered to death. Originally this was just going to be Beginning, but while recording everything, the song came up a lot shorter than I wanted (and any extensions I tried out came up a bit flat), then I realized Beginning transitioned almost seamlessly into Vampire Killer, so I decided, eh, why not?

Dwelling on the past for a moment, back in my early, early, EARLY days (earlier than the Contra thing found in my Bio), I had this really crappy synth cover of Vampire Killer. Castlevania was one of my favorite NES games when I was a kid, and I've always been a fan of the soundtrack. It just screams Malmsteem.

I've always felt Beginning was rather underappreciated having only like, a third of official remixes compared to VK. I kept telling people that requested VK that I'd rather do Beginning, and for the most part everyone said 'that's fine too!', so now here it is in all it's glory, along WITH the much requested Vampire Killer. Enjoy!

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