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Shadow Queen (Phase 2)

Download (MP3)
Download (End card acoustic short: Ghost Gulping)

We’re keeping up with our Halloween tradition and doing another dark/spooky-themed remix: this time we’re finally revisiting the Paper Mario series and taking on Shadow Queen’s Final Phase theme!

A lot like our last Halloween special, Matricide, this song leans towards the rhythmic/atmospheric side. So it’s not quite chalk full of insane guitar solos, rather I just wanted it to sound dark and heavy and.. well, scary.

I tend to do this thing with heavy/slow songs where I try to emulate Black Label Society. I even borrowed that weird strings-off-the-bridge scrape thing that Zakk does sometimes. If you’re a fan of BLS, you may notice some of the similarities.

I still have plenty of Paper Mario tunes I want to get to eventually… I probably won’t make you wait as long this time. 🙂

PS: I don’t know who this guy in the video is, but I’m glad he recorded and uploaded the video for me. It saved me a lot of work…. still a bit worried that someone got into my house and used all my equipment without me noticing. Hmm…

NEStalgia VI (NES Medley #6)

Download (MP3)
Download (End card acoustic short: Game Over [Asterix])

It’s time yet again to take a trip back to to the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System and remix another 15 awesome NES tunes!

As is now yearly tradition since NES Medley 3 back in 2015, I’ve given the song selection choices to the GaMetal Patreon Supporters, and drew the winning songs via random drawing.

This year’s medley features:

0:00 Title Theme (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Egg Catcher (Kirby’s Adventure)
1:07 Ryukotsuki Battle (Getsu Fuuma Den)
1:52 Kazakh Theme (Strider)
Ocean Theme (Crystalis)
Theme of Lyll (Legacy of the Wizard)
Level Theme (Kiwi Kraze)
Hebe in the Cold Area (Ufouria)
The Silence of Daylight [Town] (Castlevania II)
6:01 Ice Princess (Batman Returns)
6:27 Final Map (Fire Emblem Gaiden)
Great Palace (Zelda II)
Music 2 [Title Theme] (Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu)
Burning Heat (Gradius 2)
8:49 Napalm Man (Mega Man 5)

So a couple things to note: this is the first time I’ve done a Crystalis song, and I just wanted to say that if you enjoy classic top-down action RPGs (like Zelda) you really need to give this game a shot. It’s a real hidden gem in the NES collection that never saw anything beyond a Game Boy port that screwed up the soundtrack.

Second is a story of how this NES Medley drawing solved a mystery that has boggled me since childhood.

I’ve always had this faint memory of an NES game I played when I was a kid, but have never been able to find anything about it since. I couldn’t remember the name, only that it was some sort of RPG-ish platformer where you could choose between different characters. The best image I could remember of it was some sort of house that you left at the beginning of the game.

This one.

While I was adding the game play footage to this music video, I noticed something was familiar with the Legacy of the Wizard footage. So I looked into it, and as you might have been able to guess… it turns out the game I’ve never been able to remember was Legacy of the Wizard the entire time. Thanks NES Medley drawing (and specifically, giga-ganon for being the requester)! 😀

Also, a lot of people like my placeholder thumbnail, so I might just end up keeping it. 🙂